Eligibility; PUC/+ 2 / VHSE / or Equivalent
Duration - 3 years (6 Semester)

In the last decade there have been astonishing advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that are promising to transfer the way we interpret and use data. These advances are already finding their way into our daily lives in areas that include automated language translation, speech recognition and generation, recommender systems, face identification and other applications that we may not even be aware of. It is also allowing us to think about the nature of intelligence from different perspectives to understand the way that humans perform tasks, and support our abilities.

This programme offers students an opportunity to learn a variety of foundational, computational and applied topics in artificial intelligence and machine learning with core knowledge in algorithms, mathematics and applications, that can be applied, immediately in the professional workplace, or used as a launching point for more in-depth and expansive knowledge or specialized careers in the field. You will learn about what current generation AIs can and cannot do, about contemporary challenges, and about societal and ethical considerations so that you can make informed decisions about how AI techniques should be used in the real world. This course is ideal for building existing quantitative skills to become leaders in the field.

The demand for qualified experts in artificial intelligence is high; AI jobs are amongst the best paid in the industry, and a solid background in AI is highly desirable in many research disciplines. Our degree opens the door to a wide range of careers in industry and academia. Graduates can join large companies or start their own business in management consultancy, computer gaming, and special effects, while others have followed careers in banking and finance as software engineers, applications developer, cyber security specialist, technology analyst, video games start-up.