BBA Catering & Hotel Management

Eligibility: PUC / +2 / VHSE/ or Equivalent
Duration 3 years (6 Semester)

MIPS Welcomes you to the growing, fascinating and enjoyable career in Hospitality Management. The Hotel management is one of the highly job oriented field; it covers a wide range of services including food service, accommodation and catering.The major job fields in the hospitality sector include Hotels, resorts, fast food chains, restaurants, etc. A hotel management professional can be employed in any of the above mentioned fields. The hotel management field is always been a hot career options among the students, with the globalization more and more hotel industries as expanding their business to the global markets. This has created a huge demand of hotel management professionals. Situated among the most sought after the tourist destinations of south India like Ooty, Mysore, Coorg and Bangalore students can aim for a exciting career in hospitality

Career Opportunities

  • Star Hotels
  • Luxury Resorts
  • Cruise companies
  • Airline and railway travel
  • Guest Houses
  • Casinos, Motels, Hospitals, Conferences
  • conventions centers, Spas and wellness centers
  • Event management, Bars and private clubs
  • Fitness clubs and sports organizations (such as gyms, golf clubs, and tennis facilities)
  • Concert and theater venues

List of Hotels with our students Trained/Employed

  • The Oberoi Hotels
  • The Taj Hotels
  • The Leela Hotels
  • The Accore Hotels
  • The Park Hotels
  • The Casino Hotels
  • The Sarover Hotels
  • The Lemon Tree Hotels
  • The Holiday Inn
  • The Le-Meridian
  • The Crown Plaza
  • The Raviz
  • The Hilton Guardians
  • Club Mahindra
  • Radison Blue, etc 


BBA – Airline & Airport Management.

Eligibility; PUC/+ 2 / VHSE / or Equivalent
Duration - 3 years (6 Semester)

BBA Airline & Airport Management programme will train students in air traffic control, aviation maintenance, air carrier operations, airline operations and other airlines operations. Aviation industry covers a range of courses from cabin crew training to ground staff, to ticket management, to aviation training. Aspirants planning to pursue their career in the aviation industry will be most likely to be privy to various thrilling and exciting opportunities for travelling around the world.

Career Opportunities

  • Airlines
  • Travel Agencies
  • Cabin Crew
  • Tour Operators
  • Ground Handling
  • Financial Executive
  • Air port Management
  • Business Development Managers
  • PR & Hospitality Sectors


BBA - Costume Design & Fashion Technology

Eligibility: PUC/+ 2 / VHSE / or Equivalent
Duration - 3 years (6 Semester)

BBA Costume and Fashion Technology is a one of the course which prompts a match between creativity and technology. This course aims to provide students with the necessary insights about the techniques, methods and instruments used in the contemporary fashion industry. This course also introduces students to the management aspect of theindustry and the students can expect to deal with conceptualizing, designing, managing and marketing fashion products.

Career Opportunities

• Fashion designer
• Retail buyer
• Retail manager
• Retail merchandiser
• Stylist
• Textile designer
• Visual merchandiser
• Clothing/textile technologist
• Event manager
• Jewellery designer
• Magazine journalist
• Make-up artist
• Public relations officer
• Talent agent

BBA - Interior Design

Eligibility: PUC/+ 2 / VHSE / or Equivalent
Duration - 3 years (6 Semester)
Interior design does not necessarily mean designing and planning residence interiors and other living spaces.The course take students in to the world of spaces, space design and planning, interior architecture, and furniture design. The course structure is an intricate fusion of theoretical knowledge by learning by-laws, services, planning and execution strategies, interior standards and principles of furniture and space design. If you are passionate about Design, Spaces, Interaction of human with the built and designing people's dreams, perhaps this BSc interior design degree from us could help you transform your Passion into your Profession!

Career Opportunities

  • Furniture designers
  • exhibition designer
  • lighting designers
  • kitchen designer,
  • architect
  • architectural technologist,
  • product designer textile designer,
  • stylist, production designer. 

B.Sc - Animation & VFX

Eligibility: PUC/+2 / VHSE / or Equivalent
Duration - 3 years (6 Semester)

B.Sc. Animation and VFX is the course designed for the Individuals who seek creative jobs in the technical, advertising or animation field can consider VFX and animation programme. These programme enable you to express your creativity through animation, graphics and other visual tools. It also offers great job opportunities in different fields of entertainment and technology. The programme covers various aspects of animation, visual effects, graphics designing, cartoons games, etc.

Career Opportunities

  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • 2D/3D Animator, 2D/3D Designer
  • AV Editor, Technical Trainer
  • 3D Modeler
  • Multimedia Programmers
  • Compositors
  • Visualizers
  • Content Developers and Pre and Post Production executives
  • Key Frame Animator
  • Image Editor
  • Modeller
  • Character Animator
  • Texture Artist
  • Layout Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Story Board Artist
  • Background Artist
  • Clean Up Artist
  • Rigging Artist