BBA - Hospital Administration

Eligibility; PUC/+ 2 / VHSE / or Equivalent
Duration - 3 years (6 Semester)

Hospital administrators ensure that hospitals operate efficiently and that medical staff members are adequately trained and supported. Equipped with a broad range of responsibilities, hospital administrators must be equally well-versed in the fundamentals of health care delivery and business management. 

If you’re a practical, project-oriented person looking to start a career in health care but who prefers a role that doesn’t include face-to-face patient contact, then you might consider a career in hospital administration. 

Hospital administrator duties 

Hospital administrators play an important role in the delivery and functioning of health services within a hospital. While the exact duties they perform vary from role to role, here are some of the most common duties that you can expect from the job:

  • Directing and supervising the work of medical staff
  • Establishing organizational goals
  • Planning and implementing programs, such as human resources (HR) administration
  • Overseeing finances and related operations, such as budget planning, authorizing expenses, and creating financial reports
  • Communicating with staff, departments, and board members
  • Hiring and training staff
  • Monitoring resource use and allocation
  • Ensuring that facilities are up to standard and meet current regulatory requirements